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TÜAN kevadel 2015

The Female Choir at their anniversary concert in spring 2015 (photo: Andres Tennus)

2015 was an exceptionally busy and emotional year for the choir. The year was also artistically thrilling. In spring the Women’s Choir celebrated its 70th birthday with exciting anniversary performances “Kasvu. Hoone” (“Green. House”) – director Maria Peterson (Theatrum), artistic director and dramatist Andri Luup (Theatrum). The choir, wearing black plastic bags, sang and talked about what is fake and what is real, and performed “Curse Upon Iron” by Veljo Tormis. The year saw two very successful competitions: the prestigious International Chamber Choir Competition Marktoberdorf (III place and the International Achievement Level II) and the Estonian Female Choral Singing Competition (joint winner). The choir released a new album “Võrsed” (“Seedlings”), an anniversary edition of the newspaper “U-duur” (“U Major”) and put up an exhibition in Tartu and Tallinn. Additionally, the Women’s Choir was the initiator and one of the main organizers of the Choral Music Conference that took place on the 6th of November 2015 in Tartu, and the conductor of the Tartu Choral Music Survey (in collaboration with Tiigi Seltsimaja). Once again, after a long while, the Women’s Choir got a chance to share the stage with the Estonian National Male Choir (concert series "Forgotten Songs" ("Unustatud laulud"), and for the Christmas concert all the university’s choirs came together to perform the magnificent “Kreek’s Notebook” by Tõnu Kõrvits. By the end of the year the Women’s Choir had given exactly 20 concerts, 16 of which took place before the beginning of the fall semester.

The current year brings many exciting things: we have put ourselves to the test on a theatre stage with theatre Must Kast (Black Box), and there will also be a world premiere of “Surgit Dorpatum” by Matthew Peterson, written for the Academic Women’s Choir of the University of Tartu. Furthermore, there will be concerts in Tartu, Pärnu, Tallinn, Võrumaa, Hiiumaa, and also many other exciting things.