Concert at Rannu

On 18 December at 7 PM, our choir will have a concert with the university chamber choir at the community centre of Rannu. The concert is titled "Shards from a Starry Sky". Entrance is free!

Plakat "Killud tähistaevast"

Traditional Christmas concert with the men’s choir

Our Christmas concert with the Tartu Academic Men’s Choir is coming up on 14 December at 17:00 in the Salem church (directions). Entrance is free.

Jõulukontsert TAM-iga 2013 plakat

We will be singing at the women’s song day

The XIX song day of women’s choirs from Tartu and Tartu county will be held in the University of Tartu main building on 23 November at 17:00. Women’s and girls’ choirs from Tartu and Tartu county will be performing there.

The choirs will sing choir pieces from M. Härma, V. Tormis, G. Ernesaks, P. Rips, A. Hagi, H. Hindpere, A. Lemba.

Independent performances will also be given by the Academic Women’s Choir of the University of Tartu, Women’s Choir Domina, women’s choir from Lähte, youth choir from music school Eller, girls’ choir from Mart Reinik School, girls’ choir from Elva Gymnasium and girls’ choir Kurekell. 

Entrance 4 EUR (2 EUR).

Artistic director of the concert is Triin Koch.


We are no longer waiting for new singers

TÜAN is no longer waiting for new singers

The new singers were expected to prepare a song they liked and had to come sing it to our conductor on Tuesday or Thursday until the end of September at 6 p.m. at the main building of University of Tartu (Ülikooli 18, aud 232).
Just a reminder: although our choir has lots of male friends, you should be a female to sing in TÜAN...

More information:
Conductor Triin Koch: +372 527 1105
Choir major Karoliina Kalda: +372 56 216 528,

Spring concert on April 5th

Dear friends! On April 5th at 6 p.m. TÜAN will have its spring concert "Muusikatund" ("Music Lesson") in the assembly hall of the University of Tartu (18, Ülikooli Str). Concert is free and there will be performed pieces from Estonian and European music. This time the concert is built up as a music history lesson. Although these small intermediate parts are in Estonian, the music that comes before and after should overcome all language barriers. Be very welcome!

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