Christmas concerts

Christmas concert "Wolcum!" on 16th December 7 pm at St. Paul's church in Viljandi


Christmas concert with Tartu Academic Male Choir on 17th December 6 pm at Tartu St. Paul's church

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To Autumn

Concert "To Autumn" on 20th November 5 pm in the assembly hall of the University of Tartu.

TÜAN joins a cast of actors in a play

After a considerable amount of time the Women’s Choir is stepping onto a theatre stage again and is taking part in a real play “Võõrana põhjala kõrbes” (“As a Stranger in a Nordic Desert”), a production by the theatre Must Kast (Black Box). The rehearsal period has been extremely delightful and the laughing and thinking muscles have gotten a rigorous workout!

It is a pseudotraditional introspection that observes the relationships between the personified nature and people and the archetypes of Estonian culture in the key of magical realism. The long journey of an exotic beauty ends in an Estonian bog. From meeting a local man start the meanderings of relationships on the background of primal landscape where the Bog prowls around sowing disorder.

After every performance there is an after-show discussion on the topics concerning the play! You are welcome to listen, talk and think along.

Author: Marite H. Butkaite
Director: Lennart Peep
Artistic director: Birgit Landberg
Choreographer: Jaanika Tammaru
Sound designer: Sten Arvi
Lighting engineer: Mihkel Kallaste
Lighting designer: Gabriela Liivamägi
Make-up artist: Margit Lepla

Laura Niils - Girl: a beauty from far away
Märt Koik - Bog: animated landscape
Kaarel Targo - Jaan: Estonian man / Juss: son
Kaija M. Kalver - Tiina: neighbour
Silver Kaljula - Memory / Old man / Official / Priest / Soldier
The Academic Women’s Choir of the University of Tartu - Landscape

The play is performed at Genialistide klubi (5 Magasini St) at 7pm:
Mon. 15.02; Wed. 17.02; Sun. 21.02
Mon. 22.02; Sun. 28.02
Mon. 29.02; Thu. 03.03; Sun. 06.03

Additional information:

Must Kast


Again, the Academic Women’s Choir of the University of Tartu has reasons for being proud and happy:

Firstly, the Estonian Female Song Society named us the “Female Choir of the Year 2015”! Thank you for the recognition!

The second joyous news came from the city of Tartu that chose us to be one of their representative groups! Other groups named as representatives in the area of folk culture are: Tartu Youth Choir, E STudio Youth Choir, Wind Band “Tartu”, Folk Dance Ensemble Tarbatu, Tartu Student Theatre; in the area of folklore: Folk Club Maatasa; and in the area of handicraft: Bobbin Lace Club Hestia.

Congratulations to everyone!

Choral music awards 2015

Recently, the Estonian Choral Association as well as the Cultural Endowment of Estonia gave out choral music awards and TÜAN had three chances to celebrate.

Annual Awards of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia 2015

Conductor Triin Koch won the choral music annual award of the folk culture endowment for the exemplary promotion of choral music. Congratulations, dear Triin!

The list of laureates of the Cultural Endowment’s annual awards is

Annual Awards of the Estonian Choral Association 2015

The Women’s Choir’s album “Võrsed” (“Seedlings”) was named the “Album of the Year 2015”. The album contains 19 new female choir songs. You can see the list of songs here. Without the simply fabulous sound designer Tanel Klesment and the bosses in organizing everything, the Women’s Choir’s own Kristi Kuningas and Marion Mitt, these songs would have never made it on the blank CDs!

The singers Maarja Ülper and Triinu Arak were named the “Choral Music Organizers of the Year 2015”. The women are active on several fronts but the main recognition was received for organizing the Choral Music Conference on the 6th of November 2015 and for conducting the Choral Music Survey. Dear Women, may your enthusiasm and tenacity never falter!

The list of laureates of the Estonian Choral Association’s annual awards is here.


Fotod: Peeter Säälik, Janika Aav

At the gala for Estonian Choral Association’s annual awards the Women’s Choir was nominated in a whopping 5 categories with 6 nominees and thus made extraordinary history; as with its entire last season. Last year, 2015, was an exceptionally busy and emotional year for the choir that also provided artistic thrills. In spring the Women’s Choir celebrated its 70th birthday with exciting anniversary performances “Kasvu. Hoone” (“Green. House”), (director Maria Peterson; stage designer, playwright Andri Luup, Theatrum). The choir, wearing black plastic bags, sang and talked about what is fake and what is real, and performed “Curse Upon Iron” by Veljo Tormis. The year saw two very successful competitions: the prestigious International Chamber Choir Competition Marktoberdorf (III place and the International Achievement Level II) and the Estonian Female Choral Singing Competition (joint winner). The choir released a new album “Võrsed” (“Seedlings”), an anniversary edition of the newspaper “U-duur” (“U Major”) and put up an exhibition in Tartu and Tallinn. Additionally, the Women’s Choir was the initiator and one of the main organizers of the Choral Music Conference that took place on the 6th of November 2015 in Tartu, and the conductor of the Tartu Choral Music Survey. After a long time, the Women’s choir got another chance to share a stage with the Estonian National Male Choir, and for the Christmas concert all the university’s choirs came together to perform “Kreegi vihik” (“Kreek’s Notebook”) by Tõnu Kõrvits. By the end of the year the Women’s Choir had given exactly 20 longer concerts, 16 of which took place before the beginning of the fall semester.

The Academic Women’s Choir of the University of Tartu wants to thank everyone who nominated us from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you, Tartu Academic Male Choir, Tartu University Chamber Choir, Estonian Female Song Society, Estonian Choral Conductors Association, Liidia Konsa, Astrid Hallik! It was an immense joy and honour, and warmed out hearts. We also offer our congratulations to all the nominees!

Tartu among the laureates of choral and wind music prizes

The Women’s Choir is very happy that this year Tartu was represented also on the scene of choral music awards. Congratulations!
Wind Orchestra of the Year 2015 - Eller Brass (conductor Priit Sonn)
Conductor of the Year 2015 - Külli Lokko (E STuudio koorid, Elleri kooristuudio)
Orchestra Conductor of the Year 2015 - Priit Sonn (Eller Brass)
Folk Culture Annual Prize - Astrid Hallik

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