NSSS 2014

On April 24th-27th 2014 University of Tartu and city of Tartu hosted Nordic Student Singers’ Summit (NSSS) and its main organizer was The Academic Women’s Choir of the University of Tartu (TÜAN). The first festival took place in 1987 in Linköping, this was the 9th festival. The 9th NSSS had the theme „Me/We“ which is a linguistic and visual pair of words Me and We ("me" is an Estonian word for "we"). The theme tried to communicate how identities of nations reflect in each other and how they continuously create new substances.

There was about 1500 singers from Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden taking part in the festival! The participating qhoirs were the best academic hobby choirs of the Nordic countries.

The main conductor of NSSS 2014 was Triin Koch, the director Anne Türnpu, the movement specialist Madli Teller and the content manager was Ants Johanson. The leader of the whole team was Maarja Ülper (I Soprano of TÜAN) who had a team of dozens of members mainly from TÜAN, Tartu Academic Male Choir, The chamber choir of the University of Tartu, Academic Male Choir of Tallinn University of Technology and Academic Women’s Choir of Tallinn University of Technology.

During the festival over ten choir concerts took place in Tartu. At choir concerts the participating choirs performed individually. The main concert of the festival was the grandiose gala concert and took place at A’le Coq sports hall, which we previously rebuilt into a concert hall. At the gala concert all the choirs performed together a piece called "Sea. Forest. City.", written by Maria Kõrvits specially for this occasion.

A clip from the gala concert of Nordic Student Singers’ Summit April 26th 2014.        

In addition to the concerts there were many social events for the participants of the festival. The fanciest of them was the traditional and festive gala dinner at the sports hall of the Estonian University of Life Sciences. The evening was filled with special performances by the choirs, joint singing, great food, relaxing in the theme bars and dancing until early morning.

More information about the festival at nsss2014.ut.ee and www.facebook.com/Nsss2014Tartu.