Looking for new members of our species!
Ood sügisele" ("To Autumn") concert ad

Introduction of the Women's Choir
Tõnu Kõrvits "Tell Me" from "Song of Songs"

Come with us!
Why join our choir?

Arvo Pärt "Zwei Beter"
Johannes Brahms "O bone Jesu"

Veljo Tormis "Summer Night" from "Summer Motifs"
Veljo Tormis "Heather" from "Autumn Landscapes"

Galina Grigorjeva "Pesn' Presvyatoj Bogoroditse"
Ülo Vinter/August Sang "First Snow"


Veljo Tormis "Curse upon Iron" from our 70th anniversary show "Green.House"

Promotional clip for the programme for sprouting choral composers initiated by TÜAN

Anatoli Garšnek "Pää pandas palmikohe" ("Hair is Put into Braids") from our 65th anniversary show "Jakob, oh Jakob"

NSSS 2014 - IX Nordic Student Singers' Summit organised by TÜAN and friends

Teaser "Dancing Queen"

Invitation to NSSS (in Swedish)

Home note for choirs